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“In 2014 I had a stroke and all my money went to my medical care. I was unable to work, as I could not stand for more than 20 – 25 minutes at a time without my walker. I...


“Everyone at VINA is absolutely wonderful. In short, my experience was my personal miracle and everyone involved I consider to be an Earth angel.” -Kim, VINA patient


“I had many decayed and fractured teeth due to lack of dental care that I could not afford. My teeth were quite painful and I often had to dig out the decay and broken parts of my teeth. I...

Bill & Merisa

“We wanted to give you this card as a symbol of our appreciation for all that you do. Your kindness has helped our lives greatly and we are so grateful. We are truly thankful that you do dentistry services...


“I have had many dental issues involving cavities and extractions. I thought I would never be able to get my mouth fixed with no dental insurance and very little income. VINA has changed everything and given me hope my...


“Without VINA our dental needs would not be addressed. We have other medical needs, such as cancer treatment and joint replacement, that drain our finances. Thanks to the affordable dental care and services at VINA, we can now fit...


“I have low-income and it is difficult for me to keep proper oral care. VINA has been a blessing as I now have access to regular dental care. Thank you.” -Rand, VINA Patient


“Due to divorce, I no longer had insurance and a decreased income. VINA helped me take care of my oral health when it seemed impossible for me.” -Anna, VINA Patient