VINA has updated our x-ray system! We previously had been using a film developing system to take x-rays and this system is both outdated and outmoded because it leaves dental professionals dependent on the developer. We experienced breakdowns in the developer earlier this year and decided to convert to a digital x-ray, as we believe our patients deserve the highest level of care possible.

The new digital x-ray is installed and working! Our staff dentist, Dr. Bibik, said it was an “outstanding” improvement in the quality of the images.

Advantages of Digital X-Ray

  • Significantly decreases radiation (for both patients and staff)
  • Improves infection control (mechanical processing requires a lot more steps and handling)
  • Digital imaging is state of the art
  • Image quality is significantly increased compared to the conventional x-ray (sharpness, definition, contrast and density improved)
  • Images can be enlarged to enhance detail. (This is fantastic for patient education)
  • Less environmental impact (no need for processing chemicals, plastic sleeves, lead liners)
  • Images are instantly available (as opposed to having to wait, develop and prepare images)
  • Less space required to store films, chemicals, dark room, etc.
  • Images can be instantly shared between offices

We were able to buy the new x-ray system because of our AMAZING community! The Brighton First United Methodist Church is raising half the cost. First Presbyterian Church and the International College of Dentists have both made substantial contributions as well. THANK YOU ALL!

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