Dr. Anne Bibik is VINA’s staff dentist who works and volunteers at the clinic two days a week; one as staff dentist and the other as a preceptor for the University of Michigan School of Dentistry (UMSD). Dr. Bibik supervises and teaches fourth year dental students (D4s) while they create and execute treatment plans for the patients at VINA. The students were asked to evaluate Dr. Bibik for the winter 2022 semester and had great things to say about both her work and attitude. Read their responses below the word cloud.

“The VINA rotation is my favorite rotation so far due to the wide variety of procedures we were able to perform. Dr. Bibik and Dr. Bonine are both great mentors that have a lot to offer mentees.
“Dr. Bibik helped me learn not only the skills but also confidence, patient management, and professional attitude with her perspective and experience. I enjoyed working with her.”
“Really enjoyed working with Dr. Bibik, she was very encouraging and pushed us to make decisions. I think overall it is clear her drive to work with students is unparalleled.”
“I already discussed a lot with Dr. Bibik, but her dedication to community dentistry is wonderful to see, she expected clinically sound, conservative dentistry within the means of the patients. Great Rotation.”
“I enjoyed my rotation at VINA. Faculty and staff are very friendly and supportive. I obtained more clinical skills and experiences. I wish my rotation to be longer!
“Thank you for your feedback in making treatment plan decisions. I was taught in school to be as conservative as possible in restoring teeth. However, I learned that determining future prognosis of the tooth can alter the treatment plan significantly especially if finance is a concern to the patient. I learned to be more firm and definitive in making treatment planning and explaining the logic behind doing so to the patient in easy-to-understand terminology and tone of voice.”

Thank you Dr. Bibik for all the amazing work you do — with patients AND students!

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