Finally, it’s here! The end of 2020, a year that brought more challenges than anyone expected. Here at VINA, we had to transition our Tailgate and Spring Gala to online auctions while we canceled the Golf Outing altogether. The clinic was shut down for five months as our patient list grew. More Livingston County residents are qualifying for VINA as the economic impact of the COVID pandemic takes its toll on our community.

But 2021 is almost here and it is very promising. We all have adapted to the new normal and have proved our resilience. At VINA, we saw 15% more patients in September and October of 2020 than 2019 and hope to continue seeing as many patients as possible to eat into the wait-list from the shutdown. We expect to see twice as many hygiene patients in the winter of 2021 and are more prepared for online events and any other curveballs we face!

To our loyal supporters and amazing patients, we appreciate you and we could not have gotten through 2020 without this wonderful community. We wish you a merry, bright and healthy holiday season for you and yours.

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